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Architect or Building Designer: Who Do I Need?


Building Designer V Draftsman V Architect.

If you are thinking of building, renovating or extending your home, one of the first things you need to organise is house plans. House plans are required to obtain council approval and are also referred to by the builders and contractors throughout the construction process. Depending on whether you are building from scratch or you just require some simple home renovations, you might like to enlist the help of an architect, a building designer or even a draftsman to help you with your drawings and building plans.


Architects are qualified to plan, design and oversee the construction of buildings. From new buildings through to renovations and extensions, an architect can work with you to provide working house plans, assist with the approval process as well as oversee the work of other trades to ensure structural soundness. An architect has the knowledge and skill to incorporate good design, functionality, engineering factors, environmental factors, building technologies and council regulations in order to make your building project run smoothly from beginning to end.

Building Designers

The role of building designers extends into the creativeness, functionality and energy efficiency of a home. They may also provide drafting services themselves or work with a draftsman who will provide working drawings based on the building designers initial design. It may be a more affordable alternative to hiring a building designer compared to an architect, however make sure you are confident in their level of background and experience.


A draftsman is a person who can prepare working drawings and plans. Traditionally draftsmen are responsible for drafting house plans under the guidance of an architect, however a draftsman might also operate independently as a ‘building designer’.

When deciding whether to enlist the services of an architect, building designer or a draftsman, consider exactly what your needs and expectations are. You should base your decision based on whether your construction project matches the specific skill set held by your local architect, building designer or draftsman.


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