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What Architects Do – The Role of an Architect.

Architects plan, design and oversee construction of buildings. A qualified architect will hold a university degree and must be registered with the relevant statutory body. The use of the word ‘architect’ is strictly regulated. In order to become a registered Architect in New Zealand, a person must have completed an approved period of work experience and have passed an accredited examination.

When To Use An Architect

Architects can project manage the entire design and construction process. They will work with you to explore, design and meet your requirements. Architects can help you set and work to a budget and manage contracts with consultants, surveyors and engineers. Architects can not only draw up plans, but assist in the approval process too. During construction if hired as project managers, architects can also oversee the work of other trades and ensure structural soundness, in conjunction with an engineer if necessary, plus carry out a final inspection ensuring a high quality finish.

Architects have the knowledge and skill to maximise investment and create a good design with consideration to space, function, fit; as well as environmental factors. Architects also have an understanding of building technologies and materials and will apply this knowledge to create eco-efficient buildings.

An architect will work with other professionals on a construction project including a builder, carpenter, plumber, electrician and other tradesman.

Selecting The Right Architect For You

Architects may hold similar qualifications but choosing the right one for you can depend on many factors including cost, shared architectural vision, availability, time frames and experience. Before engaging an architect you should speak to them to determine if they understand your requirements and are a good fit for you and your project. It is a good idea to see their portfolio of work, obtain references, and ensure they are insured.


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