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Budget Bathroom Renovation Ideas


Bathroom Renovations When Budget Matters.

Your bathroom should be a luxurious space where you can escape the daily grind for just a few moments each day. Renovating your bathroom, transforming it into a fresh, modern sanctuary may at first seem like it’s outside of your budget, but your dream bathroom may not be as out of reach as you think.

Try some of these simple and affordable ideas to upgrade your bathroom on a budget.

Bathroom Walls

A quick coat of paint is the cheapest and easiest way to freshen up bathroom walls. You might even like to add a feature wall using wall paper or a textured paint. If your walls are tiled you might like to consider painting the tiles. An experienced water proofer can paint and seal your wall tiles for a premium finish as a fraction of the cost of replacing tiles.

Bathroom Floor

Having your tiles resurfaced or repainting the existing tiles is a quick and inexpensive option to freshen up an old tiled floor. If you are considering having new tiles installed, be sure to hire a licensed tiler. While it may seem an expense at first, having a qualified tiler complete your project will provide a professional finish that will last for years. You might also like to consider a polished concrete floor for a more modern look. Concrete can be coloured and polished to almost any finish so it can be matched to suit any theme.

The Bath

Baths are an important centre piece of many bathrooms. If you are on a tight budget you might like to purchase a standard bath from your local hardware store and clad it with timber or your choice of tiles. If purchasing a new bath is out of the question then bath resurfacing may the perfect solution. You can purchase bath resurfacing products from your local hardware or for a professional finish, contact your local bathroom re-surfacer.

Bathroom Fixtures

New taps, spouts and towel rails can bring fresh life into an old bathroom. While DIY enthusiasts or handymen may be able to replace some of the bathroom fixtures, it is advisable to hire a qualified plumber to replace old fixtures with new. After all, the cost of a plumbing issue further down the track is likely to outweigh the cost of hiring a plumber to install the fixtures correctly in the first place.

Bathroom Vanities

Vanity units come in a wide range of sizes and finishes to suit your needs, space and taste. Bathroom vanities are available in many stores that specialise in bathrooms, however in order to maximise the space you have, it may be worth hiring a cabinet maker to custom build your very own bathroom vanity along with any other cupboards or shelves you might like to include.

Shower Screens

A new shower screen can quickly make an older bathroom feel more modern. Shower screens come in a range of framed, semi-framed and frame less options. Your local glazier can advise you as to whether a frame less shower screen is an option.


If you are upgrading the appearance of your bathroom, don’t forget to invest in new lighting to match your new theme. It’s also a great idea to make use of as much natural light as possible. Consider slim-line venetian blinds or plantation shutters rather than traditional curtains.

Easy Decorating Ideas

A simple way to change the feel of your bathroom is to change the colour of your accessories. White towels against a white wall will make a small bathroom feel more spacious. A pot plant will bring a tranquil feel to your bathroom. Aromatherapy candles can instantly create a luxurious ‘day spa’ feeling.

Redecorating vs Renovating

Giving your bathroom a simple face-lift by re-painting, resurfacing and re-accessorising is the most affordable way to create fresh feel without breaking the bank. If you do want to replace certain items such as vanities and shower screens, consider purchasing second hand goods or discontinued stock to make the home renovation budget stretch a little further. If you are replacing some items, you might like to consider re-selling them or donating them to your local charity store rather than just tossing them out.


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