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Cabinet Makers & Joiners


What Cabinet Makers & Joiners Do – The Role Of Cabinet Makers & Joiners.

Fundamentally, the practice of cabinet making involves producing cabinets. Cabinets can be pieces of furniture with doors or drawers or they may be cupboards, wall units, shelves, bars or other units. Cabinet makers mainly work with wood but may also work with synthetic materials, metal and rock. Using a professional will help to ensure you have the right design for your home, with space, functionality and aesthetics taken into account.

When choosing a cabinet maker, you should check they are licensed, qualified and have insurance. You should obtain a quote for the work and it is a good idea to have the same job quoted on by more than one cabinet maker. You should ask how long the construction and installation of the cabinets will take and whether other trades will be required, such as electricians, plumbers, and tilers.

Cabinet makers will usually charge according to the time it takes to build your cabinetwork and for the materials used. The cost of materials varies greatly and your cabinet maker should be able to show you different options available to you and discuss with you the pros and cons of each material and the cost. Depending on the experience and location of a cabinet maker, they could charge from $50 per hour and upwards.

What Cabinet Makers Do

The following list illustrates what projects cabinet makers can be hired to complete.

  • Kitchen Cabinetwork

    Cabinet makers can build kitchen cupboards, drawers, shelving and pantries. They can also build bench tops and breakfast bars using a range of materials. They can design, measure, create and install an entire kitchen’s cabinetwork or pieces required to add storage.

  • Bathroom Cabinetwork

    Cabinet makers can build vanity units, cupboards, shelving, linen presses and medicine cabinets. Using a cabinet maker will help to maximise the space in a bathroom as they can design a vanity to suit the room and your needs.

  • Home Office Cabinetwork

    Cabinet makers can create furniture such as desks, filing cabinets and shelving for your home office. It may be that you need to utilise a certain area within your home or set up an entire room as an office. Designing the layout with a cabinet maker can increase functionality as they tailor solutions to your needs.

  • Bookcases

    Cabinet makers can build book cases specific to your needs. Whether it is for a library or a stand-alone piece, they can create a storage solution that suits your needs.

  • Built-In Furniture

    Cabinet makers can build a range of built-in furniture such as wardrobes, pantries and linen presses. They can make-to-measure to fill any space and use a range of materials.

What Joiners Do

A joiner builds structures, furniture and fittings, usually out of wood but they will also work with other materials. Joiners produce items such as interior and exterior doors, windows, stairs, tables, wardrobes, architraves, skirting boards etc.

The difference between a joiner and a carpenter is joiners create non-structural items, and while a joiner can make cabinets, cabinet makers generally do not build doors, window frames or stairs for example.

Choosing a joiner for your project will give you specialist timber knowledge and the opportunity to have bespoke pieces created for your home or office. You should check a joiner is licensed and qualified and obtain a written quote for the work, ideally from more than one joiner. It is a good idea to see examples of their work so you can check the quality of workmanship.

The following list includes examples of why you might engage a joiner

  • Bathrooms

    If you are building a new home, renovating or revitalising an old bathroom, a joiner can build and install cabinetwork, shelving, window frames, doors, and other fixtures and fittings. They will help you select the right products and materials for the space.

  • Kitchens

    Custom Kitchens by award winning joiners: MJN McNaughton

    Custom kitchens by award winning joiners: MJN McNaughton

    Joiners help you to maximise space, functionality and aesthetics of your new or renovated kitchen. Joiners can build cupboards, shelves, drawers, bench tops architraves and skirtings as well as custom windows and doors.

  • Shop and Office Fit Outs

    Working with a joiner, you can create a customised layout for your shop or office, which not only meets your needs but complies with occupational health and safety standards.

  • Furniture

    Joiners can create bespoke items of furniture. Whether it is a one-off piece or a range of items and fittings for your home.

  • Windows and Doors

    Timber Bifold Doors by MJN McNaughton Doors and Windows

    Timber Bifold Doors by award winning joiners: MJN McNaughton

    Joiners can custom-make window frames and doors for your home, shop or office. These can be made from timber as well as other materials including aluminium.

In summary, if you are looking at building cupboards or shelving for your new home, or you are looking at renovating your laundry, kitchen or bathroom, cabinet makers and joiners can help design, build and install what you are after.


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