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What Concreters Do – The Role of a Concreter.

Concreters mix, pour, spread, compact, finish and cure concrete for buildings and other construction work. They work with hand tools and automated machinery. Concreters mix cement with other material such as gravel, sand and water. They prepare formwork and boxing to hold the concrete. Concrete is usually poured over steel reinforcement.

A professional concreter will have the expertise to ensure a structurally sound and level concreting job. Common residential uses of concrete include foundations and footings for a house or shed, walls, beams, driveways, paths, patios and other outdoor entertaining areas and landscaping.

A professional concreter should be licensed and hold insurance. You should obtain a written quote and from more than one concreter. Determine whether a warranty period is offered and the terms of the warranty. Also ask whether any follow-up work will be required such as periodic resealing. An experienced concreter should be able to provide examples of their work so you are able to check the quality. They will also be able to discuss with you the different types of concreting options available.

The cost of a concrete work depends on the size of the job, preparation required, location, and ease of access. Concreters will generally quote on a per cubic metre or square metre basis. Pricing can vary extensively depending on the type of concrete and finish.

What Concreters Do

  • Cut and remove concrete,
  • Clean concrete,
  • Mix sand, cement, water and aggregates to make concrete,
  • Use concrete pumps to pour and position concrete,
  • Spread concrete into formwork,
  • Level and compact concrete,
  • Use paving and trowelling machines,
  • Polish concrete,
  • Use stencils, stamps and other tools to create different surfaces,
  • Cut joints in concrete,
  • Dig foundation trenches,

Possibilities With Concrete:

Building Foundations

Concrete is commonly used as the foundation for a house and other buildings. A foundation supports a building or structure. There are different types of foundations, including shallow and deep, and their suitability is dependent on soil conditions. Concrete is a strong and long-lasting foundation type.

House Slabs

These are the foundations of a residential building. Common types of slabs including footing or strip, waffle raft, stiffened raft and pile.

Driveways And Paths

Hiring a concreter to lay driveways and paths around a home is a simple and quick option. A variety of finishes can be used.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be made from various materials including concrete. Being pest/termite resistant, concrete is a maintenance-free, long-lasting option.

Swimming Pools

Concrete is an option for swimming pool construction. It is a strong and versatile material and there are many design options available to give your pool a unique look.


Concrete must be sealed after it has been poured. As it is a porous material, sealing will prevent it being penetrated by water or other liquids.


Grinding is a process for smoothing concrete and for removing old coatings or sealers.

Coloured Concrete

A variety of colours can be added to concrete allowing for unique options. Coloured concrete can be used indoors and outdoors and should be sealed to prevent fading and staining. You can incorporate concrete into your landscaping designs through paths and retaining walls.


Qualified concreters can also mix and pour asphalt. It is a durable option which can be used for driveways, paths and paving.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposing an aggregate involves adding stones or sands to a concrete mixture and revealing them near the surface. There are a number of techniques for producing exposed aggregate finishes. It is suitable for driveways, pools, landscaping, outdoor entertainment areas and can also be used on house slabs as a flooring option.

Spray-on Concrete

Spray-on concrete can be applied to existing concrete as a decorative coating.


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