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What Electricians Do – The Role of an Electrician.

Electrical work must be performed by a licensed electrician. Electricians specialise in electrical wiring of buildings, machines and equipment both for new projects or for existing infrastructure. Regulations govern electrical work due to the many hazards of working with electricity.

It is vital you check the license and qualifications of an electrician. You should also check they hold insurance including general liability, public indemnity and worker’s compensation.

Electrical Services Electricians Offer

Electricians provide a valuable service and as we take advantage of more technology, the demand for electricians is increasing. This list is just some of the most popular services electricians are searched and called out for.

  • Electrical Wiring & Repairs

    Older homes or other buildings may need re-wiring or repair due to their age or damage. You may need additional power points installed to handle the increasing number of appliances we use at once, or old ones replaced which only licensed electricians are permitted to work on by law.

  • Safety Switches

    Safety switches protect electrical products from power surges caused by faulty appliances or damaged wiring. Electricians can install safety switches on the main board to protect all of your power points.

  • Lighting

    Electricians can install, repair and replace a wide variety of lights in homes and other buildings. The types of lighting options has increased over the years to include halogen, down lights, neon, LED, track, and fluorescent. Most of these also offer low voltage alternatives to mains power.

  • New Home Wiring

    Electricians can wire and install all electrical infrastructure to a new home. Experienced new home electricians can plan the layout and design of electrical elements in a home so that, for example, lights and power points are correctly located and the type of lighting chosen is suitable to your home or requirements.

  • Renovations

    Before starting any renovations you should consult with an electrician. You will need to engage an electrician to remove old wiring, power points and lighting to install new ones. As with new homes, electricians can help you plan a layout and design to suit your living requirements.

  • Testing and Tagging

    Electrical equipment can be tested for faults, insulation deficiencies and earth leakages. Following testing an electrician will tag the equipment so it can be easily identified as in good working order or faulty.

  • Back-Up Power

    Generators and ‘Uninterruptable Power Supply’ systems can provide a back-up electricity supply. UPS is typically used for equipment such as computers to avoid data loss. Electricians can advise on suitable equipment and carry out installations.

  • Specialist Tasks

    Some electricians can perform a variety of other services and have additional training, often to support other trades including installing data cabling, fibre optic cables, connecting home automation systems, home entertainment systems, alarm systems, water heaters, air conditioners and solar power systems.

As you can see, electricians get involved in a wide variety of electrical work, and it is normal that electricians; even though they are licensed and have broad experience, choose to specialise their business towards just some of the services outlined above. When searching electricians, it is worth noting the services each provide, before contacting any for electrical wiring quotes.


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