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How To Budget For An Inground Swimming Pool


In ground Swimming Pools: Budget For All The Costs!

The addition of an in ground swimming pool can provide hours of enjoyment. Whether you want to relax, have fun, entertain or exercise, in ground swimming pools can be designed and built to cater to the needs of any individual. If you are considering purchasing a fibreglass swimming pool or hiring a pool builder to install a concrete swimming pool, there may be some additional expenses that might get overlooked during the initial quotation process. By planning for and budgeting for these expenses initially, you can take the stress out of getting your new in ground swimming pool up and running.

  • Land Survey Costs

    Before signing a contract with your swimming pool builder you should have your soil tested by a land surveyor. If your soil is highly reactive or poorly compacted, extra retaining may be required to support the swimming pool. Failing to provide the swimming pool with the correct support initially is likely to result in cracks or pools that shift away from their pipe work, costing you a lot more in the long run.

  • Excavation Costs

    Some pool builders will include the cost of excavation into their quote, while others will expect you to have organised and paid for all aspects of site preparation. Make sure you are clear with your swimming pool builder as to whether excavation costs are included in the quote. Some swimming pool builders may provide excavation services but make it the homeowner’s responsibility to organise any rubbish removal or skip hire. This may include the removal of any general rubbish or excess soil from the property.

  • Service Location Costs

    Before any excavation occurs it is advisable to employ the services of an underground service locator. Hiring a service locator to detect and mark out any underground pipes, wires or potential obstructions will help prevent any potential problems or expenses involving the accidental damaging of pipes and other underground services.

  • Retaining Wall Expenses

    When excavation is carried out close to structures such as boundaries and footpaths, retaining walls may be required to stabilise the adjacent soil.

  • Plumbing Costs

    Depending on the filtration system you choose for your swimming pool, you may require connection to the sewage line for back washing purposes. Talk to your swimming pool builder to find out what allowances have been made for plumbing and whether or not plumbing costs have been included in their quote.

  • Electrical Expenses

    The swimming pool pump and pool cleaner will require a power supply. You are also likely to want to install power points for water features, outdoor lighting and outdoor entertaining purposes. Talk to your pool builder to find out if you will be required to organise the electrician and be sure to factor this into your budget.

  • Fencing Costs

    Almost every council requires a swimming pool to be secured by fences and walls in some capacity. To avoid fines and potential drowning hazards, it is advisable to address any fencing requirements at the same time you are planning your swimming pool installation.

  • Landscaping Expenses

    If extra paving or patio areas are to be placed around the swimming pool, be sure to have this included in your written quote. Due to the amount of digging and earthmoving that occurs during the installation process, there are often lots of muddy patches that require some extra landscaping such as mulching, planting or the installation of turf.

  • Pool Maintenance Costs

    Getting a new in ground swimming pool up and running can be expensive, from filling it with water through to the addition and balancing of chemicals. Make sure you are aware of and prepared for the likely ongoing costs involved with owning and maintaining a swimming pool.

While it may seem like there are many ‘hidden’ costs involved in the installation of in ground swimming pools, many of these can be factored into your initial quote. By being aware of all the costs involved in getting your new in ground swimming pool up and running, you can take away the stress and simply enjoy your new ‘oasis’.


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