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How To De Clutter Your Kitchen


5 Steps To A Clutter Free Kitchen.

Kitchens are not single rooms anymore. They are generally part of a open plan design that incorporates other living; such as dining areas. It is therefore important to keep your kitchen space clutter free.

  • Keep breakfast bench areas clear

    Many modern kitchens include breakfast bench areas to separate them from the dining table, but can be too convenient to empty your bags and pockets onto each time you come in the house.

  • Keep kitchen utensils displayed to a minimum

    Most kitchen designs incorporate ample drawer space for utensils. If you want to show off the expensive utensils you have, why not spend some money on a decent container for them, or buy a display rack they can be hung from.

  • Keep kitchen appliances in the cupboard

    Toasters, blenders, kettles; the list is endless these days. Instead of leaving them out on display; unless they are decorative, keep them stored away after use.

  • Fruit display

    Fresh fruit can be easy to eat often if it’s on display. Make sure it’s fresh and on a rack that complements your kitchen’s theme.

  • Ready to eat off

    Under the sink should be clean wipes you can quickly wipe over bench surfaces with, so they are always clean enough to prepare food on.

Some breakfast bench areas can have a raised section that hides an area for pots and containers, but, do they really need to be out on display?


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