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How To Improve Your Homes Value


Increase your homes value for sale or to improve your lifestyle at home.

Whether you plan on selling your home or getting a valuation for your own interest. If you want to increase the value of your home there are 5 key areas you need to focus on to gain the maximum price.

If you need any more tips, talk to professional real estate agents who will happily look through your home and give you suggestions on the areas you could improve to raise the value of your home.

If you are not selling, these tips will improve your lifestyle at home, creating a more enjoyable home life.

  1. Kitchen, Bathrooms & Laundry

    The kitchen is a key focus area for entertaining and cooking, this can make or break the home’s value. A renovated kitchen makes the home feel newer with new appliances, bench tops and cupboards. Let’s face it, no one wants to buy a new home and have a dirty old oven and a smelly dishwasher that’s been used by someone else. New tap ware is important too. Local cabinet makers can give you a quote on new bench tops and for what you will pay to have it done professionally, you will get back with a better sale price.

    Bathrooms are as important. Fixing dripping taps will help immensely and it’s quite cheap to have local plumbers install new tap ware. Replacing the cistern if plastic and toilet will look inviting to sit on without the old rust stains! If your budget allows, a small renovation by having licensed wall and floor tilers can give your bathroom a fresh modern look.

    Women, particularly will want a laundry with plenty of cupboard and bench space. Cabinet makers can design a dream laundry to be both practical and atheistically pleasing.

  2. Paint

    A new coat of paint on the walls and ceilings can really brighten up a home. Think neutral colours and preferably lighter tones. Keep it modern too, we’re not in the 70’s anymore. Peach is not a modern colour. If you’re stuck for tones, use white all over. Get rid of the ‘out there’ feature walls and use more natural browns etc. Remember if you going to sell don’t paint a blue or pink feature wall in a bedroom, not everyone likes that! You have to appeal to the broader range of prospective buyers and keep it modern. It’s about what the market wants not just you!
    Contact painters near you for quotes on painting inside your home. Remember that first impressions count, so how does the paint look outside your home?

  3. Garden and Landscaping

    All real-estate agents will agree the first impressions are what makes people want to go inside the house. This is your garden! Make it clean and simple; trim the bushes, water the dead grass and get rid of the weeds. Get landscapers in and spruce it up, front and rear. A nice lawn with neat and simple gardens will raise the price. If you have room in your budget, make a little outdoor area with the help of carpenters to create a pergola. Paving underneath will add thousands if done well, so get in touch with licensed paving contractors to quote on how much your area will cost to pave.

  4. Junk

    This can mean all the above areas and the rest of the home, if you have too much clutter and junk, get rid of it! Keep your hallways clear of the old hand me down side tables and the plate collection. The more storage area your house has, the more appealing the house is to the buyer. If you have clutter and junk everywhere, it gives the feeling of a small enclosed house which may well not be the case. On the other hand a small house can feel much larger if it’s free from clutter. Hiring skip bins from rubbish removers will be money well spent, allowing you get rid of all the rubbish you have lying around.

  5. Car Parking

    Off street parking is a big deal! If you have a single garage then add another if the space permits. If you can somehow create another parking space that doesn’t obstruct the existing single driveway, you will add significant value. Concreters will let you know the cost of having a new or extended driveway done.
    Pavers laid in a herringbone pattern is a popular alternative to laying concrete; especially for driveways. Paving contractors can talk to you about other popular paving patterns and colour combinations used for driveways that will match your homes colour scheme.

It pays to always engage the services of a qualified trade professional to complete projects around the home. Having the work done properly, the first time, ensures the result will add value to your home, increasing the sale price, or if you are staying put, create a more pleasurable home life.


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