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Low Maintenance Garden Ideas


Low Maintenance Garden Designs For New Zealand.

With a busy lifestyle, it makes sense to have a low maintenance garden. This article will discuss low maintenance garden design ideas that will save you time working in the garden, as well as save you money on your water bill.

Materials Used In Formal Garden Designs

The key to garden designs that are low maintenance is simplicity and longevity. Formal gardens have clean lines and are often designed using concrete products for retaining walls and pavers.
Concrete retaining wall blocks, concrete railway sleepers and paving products come in a wide choice of styles and colours that will suit the garden theme you are wanting to create; whether modern or classical. River pebbles also come in a variety of colours and sizes, and will look as good in ten years time as when you first laid them down.

Materials Used For Informal Garden Designs

Less formal garden designs generally don’t have straight lines and utilise wood products more; such as using bark chip as opposed to river pebbles and wooden railway sleepers as an alternative to concrete blocks or concrete railway sleepers for retaining walls.

Water Features

When it comes to adding water features to your garden, there are many low maintenance options. Statues in a water base that recycle can look stunning; especially when they are lit up at night. Then there are fish ponds.
You can choose a more formal pond design perhaps using a precast commercial pond purchased from a shop, lined on the outside with concrete railway sleepers or concrete blocks; finished off at the top with a bullnose concrete paver, or you may prefer your pond to look more natural; in the ground, using either concrete or a pond liner to form your shape, surrounded by river pebbles and rocks.
If you would like to have a concrete fish pond, contact a licensed landscaper to do it for you.

When choosing fish pond filters its a good idea to choose a size that is going to handle the size of your pond with ease. There are many pond filters on the market that contain Bio filters that build up natural bacteria to handle waste and algae, reducing the need to clean your pond too often.

Lawn Options

Choosing a suitable low maintenance lawn option has become easier in recent years, even with natural roll out turfs. There are grass varieties now that are much more tolerant to heat and require far less mowing and weeding such as Sir Walter Buffalo®, which is also quite tolerant to shady spots too.

Artificial lawns have also come along way in recent years with many manufacturers producing a variety of short and long synthetic grasses that eliminate the need for watering, mowing and weeding; just some of the obvious advantages of artificial grass.

Irrigation Systems

If you want your plants to stay healthy during the Summer months but don’t want to spend time watering them by hand or having to move sprinklers around then take a look at the automated irrigation systems on the market. Automated drip irrigation systems can be installed in garden beds and set up to deliver the right amount of water at the best time of the day; early morning while you are sleeping. Drip irrigation systems are laid under pebbles or bark so the water reaches the root system of the plant quicker with less evaporation.
It also makes sense to plant heat tolerant plants that require less water such as natives. There are many native grasses that produce bird attracting flowers and don’t require much water or care, adding to a more natural looking garden.

Paving V Wooden Decking

Paving as opposed to laying timber decking has become popular with outdoor entertaining areas, even around pools. Concrete pavers come with textured patterns in many colours and sizes to match your gardens theme; there are non-slip paving options for outdoor wet areas; around pools or outdoor spas. When choosing pavers, make sure you consider the type of traffic they will be subjected too, as this will dictate how thick the paver needs to be and the pattern a paving contractor will use. There are popular paving patterns used for different applications; for paths, driveways and around a pool so ask your licensed paving contractor to show you some alternatives at the same time you are selecting your pavers.

There are times however when timber decking is chosen to harmonise with natural timber around your home, perhaps under an arbour or for a second story balcony. If painted or stained with quality products, you should get years of wear and exposure before having to re-stain or paint again.
A new product; although a little on the expensive side is timber looking decking, often called wood composite decking; made from ground sustainable wood waste and plastic. Many of the larger hardware stores are stocking it and comes with a few colour choices and widths. The advantage is that it requires no maintenance, does not warp or splinter and is UV stabilised. If you are living by the sea or planning to deck an area by a pool this type of product is perfect.


So there you have it, there are many low maintenance design options, ideas and elements to transform your garden and make life easier for you; so you spend less time working on your garden and more time relaxing in it.
Do you have some low maintenance design ideas to share?


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