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Outdoor Living Areas


Alfresco Areas, Patios, Pergolas & Verandah’s.

Outdoor living areas are fast becoming a part of everyday life for many people. Whether it’s entertaining guests or just relaxing with a book and a cup of tea, the allure of spending time outside is an attractive prospect for most.

But what type of outdoor living area best suits your lifestyle, space and budget? From alfresco dining through to patios and verandah’s, the choices for outdoor living are plentiful. Read below to find out what exactly each outdoor living area involves.


Any entertaining area attached directly to the back of the house can be classified as a ‘patio’. The traditional patio would often be paved and offer a place to sit. A patio may or may not have a roof or walls.


A verandah is usually a long narrow structure that provides the entrance of a home with some shelter. A verandah often has room for a chair or two but is not traditionally considered a place for entertaining guests. Some people refer to a verandah as a porch.


Pergolas are traditionally known as outdoor structures that are designed to support climbing plants. These days many people have adapted their ‘pergolas’ to have enclosed roofs. In contrast to the patio, which is an extension of the house, a pergola is seen as being integrated with the garden.

Alfresco Living

With the blend of indoor/outdoor living space becoming less defined, there are many creative ways to create a space that can transition between the two. Large sliding doors or bi-fold doors can transform an indoor room into an alfresco area or conversely, transform a patio into another indoor area.

From a deck chair on the front porch through to outdoor kitchens and alfresco home theatres, transitional indoor/outdoor spaces are becoming more and more common. Creating an outdoor living space can add value to your home and lifestyle. If you are unsure what type of outdoor living area best suits your home, contact your local architect or draftsperson for some ideas.


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