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What Plumbers Do – The Role of a Plumber.

Plumbers install and maintain plumbing systems throughout a building for the supply or removal of water, sewage and drainage. They identify and repair leaks in hot water systems, install new and replace old plumbing and tap ware, repair water pipes and install filters and anti-scalding devices.

Some common plumbing tasks undertaken by a licensed plumber include:

New Home Or Renovation Plumbing:

A plumber will be required during the construction of a new home as well as any renovations where existing plumbing is involved. Consulting with a plumber prior to renovating will ensure the plumbing system is thoughtfully planned out and the most appropriate products are used.

Maintenance And Repairs:

Plumbers are equipped to carry out any maintenance on existing plumbing systems. From greasing taps and replacing washers, plumbers may also repair pipes and fittings for your toilet and sewage systems.

Water plumbing:

Plumbers are responsible for installing, repairing and maintain pipes and fittings for hot and cold water.


Plumbers can repair and unblock blocked drains as well as maintaining storm water and waste removal pipes.

Emergency Services:

Burst pipes or blown hot water services are emergency situations. Some plumbers offer 24/7 availability to deal with these issues.

Green/Water Saving Plumbing:

Some plumbers will provide green plumbing services. They can install solar hot water, rainwater tanks, grey water systems and other water saving plumbing features to help you conserve water.

Mechanical plumbing:

Some air-conditioning systems require the skills of a plumber for the installation or repair of certain pipes and fittings.

Gas Fitting:

Not all plumbers are licensed to carry out work with gas. You must check a plumber is licensed to perform gas fitting work as it is required by law. Licensed gas fitters can install and maintain gas related appliances, meters, regulators, valves and burners.

In Summary

It is important you hire a licensed and qualified plumber. You should ensure they hold insurance and it is a good idea to obtain a written quote and from more than one plumber. Charges will range depending on location and experience as well as any parts required. Plumbers usually charge a call-out fee followed by an hourly rate but may quote a set fee for a particular job.


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